Company C

A need for a consistent message

The Challenge

COMPANY C is a company developing, selling and marketing personal care products to mass market retailers and distributors around the world.

The company was handling its consumer inquiries in-house, using a rotating group of internal personnel. When an inquiry or complaint came in, it was handled by any staff member who happened to be available. This process was both disruptive to the employees who had other tasks on their plates, as well as offering a customer experience that varied in quality, depending on the knowledge of the employee responding. Company leaders admit, this process was not working well.

How We Helped

The COMPANY C team was introduced to Cosmetic Answers at a trade show, and were quickly confident in our ability to deliver results.

“We were convinced that they would handle our inquiries in a consistent, professional, yet friendly manner – just the right balance we were looking to achieve,” says the COMPANY C team. ”

Our work with COMPANY C started by taking the time to understand the company and how it was currently handling consumer inquiries, so we could develop consistent messaging around future interactions. To that end, we also began tracking the types and frequency of the consumer inquiries COMPANY C was receiving, so that they could efficiently monitor and manage the process moving forward.

The End Result

Today, COMPANY C’s internal staff is much happier and more productive because they don’t have to take time out to randomly answer consumer inquiries. Since Cosmetic Answers is routinely tracking inquiries and providing reports that interpret those inquiries, COMPANY C has been better able to adapt to consumers’ needs and provide the product messaging that adequately answers their questions.

COMPANY C’s number of inquiries has actually grown since its partnership with Cosmetic Answers, but now, those inquiries are met with consistent, professional responses from a dedicated team.

“I would highly recommend Cosmetic Answers!!!!” says the COMPANY C team. “They are professional and really understand how to handle consumer inquiries.”

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