Company B

Tackling Consumer Complaints in Timely Manner


COMPANY B is a manufacturer of skin and hair products for people with varying textures of hair. The company’s target market is women from all ages and economic levels, in diverse markets around the world. Its products include shampoos, relaxers and natural skin and hair products.

The Challenge
Before working with Cosmetic Answers, COMPANY B was handling its consumer complaints, questions and customer service in-house. While company employees managed to field calls and receive other correspondence, the company was not handling complaints in the timely manner that was necessary for companies in this industry.

When a complaint came through, the in-house investigation process was taking up a large amount of employee time, and that resulted in a large expense for the company.

To help them solve this issue, COMPANY B was referred to Cosmetic Answers.

How We Helped

As we do with all of our customers, our first steps when working with COMPANY B were to take the time to understand their problem. Because a large problem stemmed from calls that were not being handled in a timely manner, one big solution was to set up a call and logging system that tracked each call.

Aggregating that data helped COMPANY B to understand common consumer complaints and to sort out the legitimate complaints from the not-so-legitimate. With that new knowledge, COMPANY B moved to change the labels on certain products to provide more information and warnings.

The Results

Because COMPANY B now had a better sense of what consumers were complaining about — and changed its labels as a result — they were now getting far fewer complaints overall. When they do get a complaint, COMPANY B now has a better system to handle it, and complaints are not left sitting without resolution.

COMPANY B’s staff has this to say about working with Cosmetic Answers for handling consumer complaints:

“I would definitely consider utilizing their services and make sure you understand the process that complaints are being handled.”

Today, the COMPANY B staff enjoys Cosmetic Answers’ willingness to listen to suggestions and ideas, and plans to continue working with Cosmetic Answers into the future.

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