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Lowering Claim Numbers and Saving a Company Money


COMPANY A is a manufacturer of multiple brands of hair care products, focusing on shampoos, conditioners, relaxers and maintenance products geared toward women of all ages and economic levels. As its name suggests, the company sells its products to a global marketplace.

The company has a total office staff of 80 people and runs very lean in operations. Staff members have assigned roles that take up the majority of their time. With the makeup of the company as it was, it was difficult for COMPANY A’s leadership team to dedicate one person to handling all consumer calls. The volume was too much for one person to handle, so it was more efficient for the company to outsource its customer service.

The Challenge

Before working with Cosmetic Answers, COMPANY A’s consumer complaint and customer service process was not very organized. The company wasn’t documenting its customer interactions, meaning they were not able to aggregate data that could help them improve products and services.

Many of COMPANY A’s employees lacked a customer service background, meaning consumers were getting inconsistent service when they called to make a complaint or to request a refund for one of COMPANY A’s products.

Further, COMPANY A didn’t have a dedicated employee able to handle consumer product complaint investigations, or to assist insurance carriers when it was necessary to defend a product claim.

It was clear that COMPANY A needed help, They were referred to Tabitha Odell, president of Cosmetic Answers, through a mutual business associate.

How We Helped

Cosmetic Answers’ first steps when working with COMPANY A were to meet with the team and to get a very clear understanding of COMPANY A’s products, its consumers, and the nature of the calls that came in regarding COMPANY A products. From there, we met with COMPANY A’s insurance broker to develop a consumer product complaint operating procedure that worked for all parties involved.

Cosmetic Answers then created a system for tracking COMPANY A’s consumer interactions, including the creation of a digital file system to store all the data gathered.

Based on that data, we were able to aggregate statistical data related to consumer interactions. That compilation of data resulted in big changes for COMPANY A.

The Results

Because COMPANY A was now able to aggregate and analyze its data regarding consumer interactions, they were now better able to anticipate claims and to make changes that reduced the number of complaints that turned into product liability claims.

“Cosmetic Answers has a kept meticulous records related to our consumers and all of the complaints she handles are managed to the satisfaction of the insurance carrier,” said Charlene Dance of COMPANY A. “She manages our cost and risk expertly and efficiently.”

To further cut down on the number of complaints that escalate into product liability claims, Cosmetic Answers has also taken data from past complaints and formulated labeling suggestions.

The final cost saving result: COMPANY A is now getting a discount on their insurance premium because of the efforts toward reducing product liability claims.

The final cost saving result: COMPANY A is now getting a discount on their insurance premium because of the efforts toward reducing product liability claims.

Cosmetic Answers is always open to our request(s) and accommodates them without issue. Cosmetic Answers has become an integral part of our team,” says Dance.

For information about how Cosmetic Answers can help your hair care or cosmetics company save money and improve customer service, contact us today.

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