What We Do

Cosmetic Answers maintains that bridge between the consumer and the company, flawlessly integrating into your existing process. We have a toll-free number and an email address that is presented to your consumer as the “Consumer Relations Department”. Your consumer will not know that they are not calling a department within your organization.

Our VOIP telephone system allows us to have an unlimited number of extensions to better assist your customers. It also allows for the provision of a toll free number for our clients or to have an existing toll free number transferred to our telephone system. One of the many benefits of this system is that your consumer has access to “your” number, and in the event that you no longer use our service the telephone number can be transferred to your telephone system. This number can be provided to your consumer through your packaging, website or on your company voicemail system. We also can respond to your consumer email by using a “Cosmetic Answers email” address.

When you contract with Cosmetic Answers, we join YOUR team.

How consumer calls are handled is critical to business success. We will design a program that is specific to your business needs and products. We have the experience to effectively handle a consumer complaint to promote consumer satisfaction while reducing the possible legal exposure for your company.

All of these features allow us to give the consumer the impression that we are a department within your organization which provides continuity and the ability to maintain a trusting relationship. Outsourcing is more than a contract; it is a business relationship where you hire a partner not just a provider.

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